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Face Attribute Analysis

Can be used to detect and analyze key information from faces
in images or videos in real time.

Extract useful information from detected face

After detecting the face, expression analyzation can be performed and various information such as age, gender, facial expression, and direction can be guessed.

Through continuous learning and improvement, it maintains a very low error rate.

It can be used for a wide variety of applications, including customer and consumer statistics and analytics, identity verification combined with real-time facial similarity measurements, and real-time verification.

Face Attribute DEMO

, AI Face Attribute Analysis_en, cometrue.ai


Extracting Various Information

Extract various information from one face at once. In other words, you can predict the age and gender at the face of the person and guess the emotional state. You can also guess the gaze and posture from the direction the person is looking.

Simultaneous Response to More Than One Face

Processed in real time on several people’s faces in one frame. The information can be used for various applications such as eyeing a large audience or visiting customers, analyzing emotional changes, and mass statistics.

Field of Usage Examples

Customer statistics and sentiment analysis

Custom Consulting Applications

Target Analysis for Advertising and Marketing