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Face Detection

Based on deep learning method to detect faces from images and videos in real time
and get the result coordinates to be used.

Real time face detection

Quickly find people’s faces and identify their locations in photos and videos in different environments. Faces of various sizes and orientations can be identified at high speed and with high accuracy, and the position of the face can be identified from the stored data and the image input in real time. It can be combined with various services such as entertainment and security.

Fast detection DEMO

, AI Face Detection_en, cometrue.ai


Fast detection speed

Multiple faces can be detected at the same time in milliseconds. Therefore face detection can be used not only on still images but also on real-time video (CCTV).

High Compatibility

Highly compatible with complex backgrounds and complex lighting environments. Face detection can be performed at various times and in various places.

Safe Data Protection

The original image or video used for face detection is processed via secure communication network. Any information will not be stored in any way if the user does not give permission.

Field of Usage Examples

Customer Survey and Statistics (Counting)

Face recognition based shooting