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Face Landmark

Finds and provides facial features using artificial neural networks
and uses them for various fields such as face analysis and transformation.

Face Shape Extraction

Based on deep learning,facial landmark can be extracted and the shape can be interpreted. It extracts the outlines of eyes, nose, mouth and face at a very high speed to respond to facial expression changes and movements.

It also flexibly responds to various face orientations and various lighting environments. It can be applied to entertainment applications and security solutions.


Video and Image Support

In addition to the images saved after shooting, landmarks are supported in the video recorded in real time or in the saved video. You can choose a light model that fits your purpose and usage.

Real-time Processing

Measurement and processing facial landmarks is handled in milliseconds in real time. With this fast landmark speed, you can change the shape and expression of the face currently shooting in real time.

Respond to Changes
in Various Face Orientations

Landmarks are performed in response to the person facing up, down, left, and right etc., such as a person turning their head in a specific direction or bowing his head. Landmark process can continue even if the faces in the frame change direction in real time.

Field of Usage Examples

Mobile Entertainment App

Real Time Face Filter

3D Avatar and Face Emoticon