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Face Similarity Analysis

Detect faces in images or videos in real time
and compare them to other faces to measure similarity.

Face Similarity Analysis

It extracts a certain number of key points (landmarks) from any face, and then rearrange and corrects them to a valid face image. Embedding and data extracted from deep learning artificial neural networks can be used to compare and predict similarities with many other faces.

Finding faces, extracting facial features, and comparing them to other faces is done in milliseconds, allowing you to determine who owns a face in live video.

This may be applied for physical security such as access control, financial support such as indirect identity authentication, and entertainment applications.

Face Similarity Analysis DEMO

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High Accuracy

Artificial intelligence captures the similarity of people with unique feature data extracted from faces. High accuracy analysis maintained even when wearing accessories such as glasses, changing hair style or beard, or making various expressions.

Compatible with Various Environmental Backgrounds

Frames with portrait faces will have different environments, lighting, and backgrounds. Accurate face extraction and embedding process enables face similarity analysis regardless of environment and background.

Field of Usage Examples

Indirect identity verification
(e-Know Your Customer)

Access security

VIP management and visitor targeted marketing