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Text Analytics

Analyzes text with AI and acquire
and use useful information through learning.

Text Analysis and Processing

By learning texts (human language), system can analyze and derive the meaning of text, and obtain information faster and more convenient in text processing field.

It analyzes text by analyzing stemming and parts of speech in various texts and analyzes the meaning of text with high accuracy through deep learning neural network.

It can be used in a variety of areas, such as document summaries and translations, speech recognition, emotional analysis, chatbots, and text classification.


Support Various Languages

The languages spoken by different region and country vary greatly. System has learned English and Korean as a basis, and able to learn different additional languages to suit the user’s purpose and usage.

Meaning Detection Technology

Identify what user want to say in the text and use it in various text analysis areas. Able to understand the meaning of compound nouns, new words, homonyms and typos.

Keyword Extraction

Outstanding text analysis even in large amounts of text and difficult context. This allows users to extract and utilize keywords.

Field of Usage Example

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Document Summary and Extraction

Chat Bot