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Document Classification

Learn different kinds of documents and IDs and
use the information to estimate and classify the types of target documents.

Artificial Neural Network Document Classification

Able to identify, classify, separate and further utilize texts in various images that contain different types of documents. Able to separate your documents in a variety of shooting and scanning conditions, or in limited environments such as noise and blur with high accuracy through deep learning neural networks.

It can be used in various document processing fields such as document security, privacy, ID authentication, and document forgery prevention. It can also be used to verify indirect identity authorization (e-KYC).


Fast Sorting Speed

Able to identify and classify a large number of documents at a very fast rate in milliseconds. It can be used in real-time environments, such as large volume scanned documents as well as mobile applications that need instant detection.

Safe Document Protection

Original copy of the documents processed through the neural connection will not be saved in any way. All communication in the delivery of documents and classification results is secured by encryption.

High Compatibility and Expandability

In addition to documents, ID cards, and credit cards etc. that are already registered in the network, usage of the service is expandable since any kind of document can be identified if enough learning data is provided.

Field of Usage Examples

Indirect identity verification
(e-Know Your Customer)

ID Scan / Personal Information Protection