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Multi Label Classification

Analyze one image in various ways
to extract various information about the image.

Multi-label Recognition

By using a neural network that is complexly trained and constructed on objects in an image, various information can be extracted at the same time.
It can be used in various fields such as extracting clothes or outfit information or explaining a scene by using the information in the image comprehensively.

Outfit and Figure Analysis

Simultaneously identifies and extracts the type, material, color, and pattern of clothing worn by the person in the image or video. User can analyze clothing patterns in different postures, different environments and lighting.

Sensitive Content Analysis

Multi-label recognition technology is used on images or videos to determine whether they contain inappropriate and harmful content such as propaganda, violence, drug or advertisement.

Sensitive Content Analysis can be used to implement automated filtering for web site access control and content control.

Field of Usage Examples

Parental Controls

Statistic Insight and Customized Marketing

Video and Image Scene Analysis