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Object Detection
(Fingerprint Extraction)

Recognize specific objects on the image
through multiple learning of specific data. (e.g. fingerprint)

Deep Learning Based Object Recognition

Quickly recognize multiple objects in photos or documents with high accuracy. Artificial neural networks can be selectively used depending on the type of object to be recognized.

Recognize certain objects in an image or document and the coordinates can be used for post processing, collecting, etc.

Detection and Localisation of Various Objects supported

We detect various objects such as people, tables, cars, and other everyday objects that are in images and videos. Further analysis using the location of objects is done, providing more insight. For example, by combining the localisation of tables and people, we offer a service where we provide.

Fingerprint Extraction and Processing

Artificial neural networks with fingerprint data can be used to extract fingerprint data recorded on important documents or ID cards. This can be used to delete unnecessary fingerprint information, etc.

Fingerprint Detection DEMO

, AI Object Detection_en, cometrue.ai


Quick Recognition Speed

Recognizes, extracts, and returns coordinates of multiple objects in one frame swiftly. Object recognition can be performed not only for a large number of images or documents but also for live video, on a frame-by-frame basis.

High Compatibility and Extensibility

By adding training data, user can construct an object-aware neural network for their purposes. A wide range of extensibility is provided, not only for people, animals and objects, but also for document formats and native forms.

Field of Usage Examples

Autonomous Process and Analysis

Personal Information Protection

Image Analysis and Statistics