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Semantic Segmentation

Able to separate the objects in the image based on their meaning.

Semantic Segmentation of Images

The objects in the image are divided according to their meaning and type.

Learn about the unique characteristics of things, such as animals, plants, documents, cars, bicycles, etc., and segment each one within an image according to its meaning. With images separated from the background, user can mask, apply filters, extract and save, etc.


Light and Fast Neural Network

The most versatile platform in image processing is mobile. Lightweight, fast and sufficiently lightweight neural networks can be used for many entertainment applications.

Respond to Various Items

In addition to the objects that have already been learned, additional learning can be used to identify more and more objects and their details and isolate them within the image. System can either learn a variety of things depending on user’s purposes, or to separate only the things user need.

Field of Usage Examples

Autonomous Process

Mobile Entertainment App

Security and control